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Douglas Bader Foundation

The Douglas Bader Foundation exists to advance and promote the physical, mental and spiritual welfare of persons who are born without or have lost one or more limbs, or are otherwise physically disabled.

The Douglas Bader Foundation was formed in honour of Sir Douglas Bader in 1982 by family and friends – several of whom had flown side by side with him during World War 2. Douglas Bader was honoured in 1976 with a Knighthood for his work on behalf of the disabled.

A disabled person who fights back is not disabled….but inspired Group Captain Sir Douglas Bader

This is the maxim that our charitable foundation, established in Sir Douglas Bader’s name immediately following his death in 1982, uses as the fundamental precept of its work. In order to help more people living with disabilities, we extended our remit to include support in relevant circumstances to adults and children who suffer from a diagnosed mental health issue.

We achieve this through the various facets of the charity:

  • Bader Information supplies advice and information as well as the opportunity for one-to-one chat with an amputee via LimbLine. We also have a small team of people who are happy to talk and offer help and support with understanding based on personal experience.
  • Bader Grants gives financial support to help individuals or groups to achieve personal goals. In an initiative set up on the death of Lady Bader in 2015, Lady Bader Grants and Special Awards are offered on a discretionary basis to applicants whose goals and interests reflect those of Lady Bader during her lifetime.
  • Bader Braves offers children experiences that encourage teamwork and participation and help to instill a sense of self-confidence.
  • Team Bader encourages and enables participation in sport or team/group events so that participants can benefit from the social, physical and creative aspects of their involvement.

Your support is essential as we rely entirely on donations to continue our invaluable work.

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