Great Video Update of Lady Bader Grant Recipient of the Month, Kim Jaeger

Kim in the air with instructor, Ivan

Kim in the air with instructor, Ivan

Check out this fantastic video of our Lady Bader Grant Recipient of the Month, Kim Jaeger, in pursuit of her dream of gaining her PPL (Private Pilots Licence). 

As you’ll know from her previous posts, Kim is a through-knee amputee whose lower leg had to be amputated as the result of medical bad-practice. Despite this, Kim picked herself up, found a new love in flying and, with a determination that Sir Douglas would certainly have appreciated, set about learning her craft.

My name is Kim, I became an amputee in October 2014 after a small cut got severely infected due to a very bad doctor – who has been struck off by the GMC. After four weeks in medical comas, a spot of pneumonia, repeated sepsis and both bones having been eaten completely through, I had an amputation…I was promised it would be a below knee amputation, yet it became a though-knee by a ‘knife-happy surgeon’ meaning my prosthesis would be much larger, heavier and extremely uncomfortable, so once back at home I hid away from everyone and everything. Kim Jaeger

Kim has already completed her  Groundwork Theory Exams, the challenging first step with multiple choice exams in 9 subjects including Air Law, and is now notching up her requisite flying hours. The CAA requires a prospective pilot to spend at least 45 hours in the air, 25 dual (with an instructor) and 10 hours solo with the trainee pilot acting as pilot-in-command. 5 of the solo flight hours must be cross-country flights, i.e. away from the base airfield. Only then can the trainee pilot apply to take their final Skills Test, which is the aircraft equivalent of a driving test. As the Air Law exam has to be passed before the first solo and there is a maximum time allowance between taking the Theory Exams and the Skills Test, the pressure is on from the start.

Kim’s attitude and sheer joy in what she does is an inspiration and the DBF is proud and delighted to have been able to support her in this venture with a Bader Grant. We felt that she perfectly fits the criteria for one of the new grants in Lady Bader’s name. We wish her every success.

Click on the link: to see Kim in pursuit of her dream. Our thanks to FITA (Freedom in the Air), where Kim is learning to fly, for this literally uplifting film.

Kim updates us frequently on her progress and, if you haven’t already, you can read her previous Blogs in the News Page of the Bader Grants section of the Website. They are a great read!

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