Lady Bader Grant Recipient of the Month – Kim Jaeger: Blog Post 2

Douglas Bader Grant Recipient of the Month – Kim Jaeger

Blog Post Part 2. – 06/06/17

Kim in the air!

Kim in the air!

Hello all my luvverley Bader buddies and Bader readers.

I hope you are all doing well and have been enjoying the sun whilst we have had it?



I still am unable to use my prosthesis – it is so painful, but I have been referred to a different centre that may be able to help make it less so. I also haven’t passed my private pilots licence yet since I last wrote, hopefully by autumn if all goes well – but that doesn’t mean I’ve been sitting on my hands! I got up to lucky number 13 in lessons.

My ninth – thirteenth lessons were all about learning circuits. That is the pattern you take off, fly around – or join, and then land, at any given airfield.

When my instructor explains it all to me, it sounds simple, I bank the knowledge in my head, take notes of the landmarks I need to look out for, head for the plane and climb on in. Getting in and out the plane is quite easy – I just shimmy backwards up the wing, and then we get ready to go.

Simple so far? Yes.

However! When it comes to putting it all in action I always always always forget one part! Doh! Or should I say durr! Usually I forget to lookout for planes on the long final – planes joining the final approach from a long way off, else it would be I completely forgot to descend at the set speed required – as was busy remembering setting the plane up for the descent or making the appropriate radio calls, but I was getting better.

On my twelth lesson though, I had it down, I was very proud of myself, great take off, great circuit, great landing and then, would you believe it, when landing you have to lightly press the brake to bring the plane to a smooth stop.

But what do you think I ended up doing? Pulling the flap lever instead of the brake! Hahah! And on my best circuit yet, oh dear!

Flying with instructor Ivan

Flying with instructor Ivan

OH! Another funny thing I’ve done, when you speak to the controller you are supposed to be formal and professional, yet I’ve been saying, “hello Elstree Information! Good morning! This is G-CCZV, could we please have a radio check and taxi for departure please? Thank you so much!” I was supposed to say “Elstree information, G-CCZV, request radio check and taxi for departure” You can imagine the chuckles I got from fellow students flying at the same time when I landed!

Luckily being a student means you can get away with silly mistakes like these, as your instructor is monitoring everything, but there will come a point when silly mistakes like that just aren’t acceptable. So I’m buckling down even more, reading my books over and over. Next time – no silly mistakes!

Honestly, I’m not as clumsy as I make out, I hope! Surely all students are allowed a couple of mistakes?!

In my spare time I’ve been taking Pria, my dog, out for many walks – she even pulls me along like a sled-dog! But she likes rainy day walks the best as she likes the drying off with a hairdryer bit afterwards. I have also been trying to complete my fundraising and have had many absolutely wonderful comments and support, most from within the flying community.

I know I’ve said this a few times but it really does warm my heart and give me such a confidence boost to know there are people out there cheering me on! It makes me even more determined to pass my PPL.

I’ve had a few negative comments also, but I’m taking them with a pinch of salt, as I’m sure those who leave negative messages have stuff going on in their life we can’t know about or understand, and maybe that’s why they write them.

But hopefully I don’t annoy too many other people with my posts, maybe I need to post some more funny cat videos? They always seem to work! Or else talk about cake? I mean, who doesn’t like cake?

A treat, as always to hear from Kim. We’re proud and delighted to be able to support her on her journey towards achieving her goal. 

It’s fascinating to get this insight into what’s involved in trying to obtain a Private Pilot’s Licence and I have even more admiration now for the people who achieve it! (And their tutors, who must have nerves of steel!!) We hope that reading about Kim’s pursuit of her goal may inspire others to pursue their own and to realise just how much can be achieved with the courage and determination demonstrated by Kim, Mari (our previous Grant Recipient of the Month) and others.

You can help: Flying is a very expensive business and, as I’ve also learned through contact with Kim, if you don’t gain your licence within 18 months of passing the last of several theory exams, you have to take all the exams again, involving yet more time, effort and money. No pressure, then! While Kim works hard to raise funds through her own efforts, she would be very grateful for any financial support. She has a fundraising page through PayPal and, if you’d like to help her, would be delighted to receive any donations, whatever the amount.

You can read Kim’s first Blog by clicking on the link, which will open in a new tab:

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