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The Fitting Room

The Fitting Room film project was created by Pegleg Productions in collaboration with the “Fitting Room Friends”, a group of women amputees from the Prosthetics Rehabilitation Centre at Stanmore’s Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital. “Fitting Room Friends’ began as a closed, invitation-only Facebook group as a way of keeping in touch with other women amputees from the Unit.

Funded by a Big Lottery Fund grant and directed by artist filmmaker Nicola Lane, a member of the “Fitting Room Friends”, the film sees the women share their personal experience of prosthetics. Now we want to share the film, to initiate debate and inform the public.

THE FITTING ROOM’s premiere screening event has been made possible through the generous support of The Liebreich Foundation and The Douglas Bader Foundation.

 The OHMI Trust

The OHMI Trust’s objective is to remove the barriers to music-making faced by the physically disabled. There is currently no traditional instrument that can be played without two fully functioning hands and arms, denying unlimited participation in musical life to those with congenital disabilities and amputees, as well as the millions who may have been injured, suffered a stroke or developed arthritis. The primary obstacle is a lack of suitable instruments. In the absence of suitable instruments, those with ant challenges to their motor skills do not have the opportunity to learn an instrument and play with others.

The charity is in the early stages of a planning a national teaching project aimed at the disabled. We will pilot the scheme to a small group of disabled children in Birmingham, where they will begin playing instruments designed for people with motor disabilities and upper limb differences. After a successful pilot, we will expand the project nationally and offer the opportunity to adults as well as children. A small charity, we require funded support to conduct the crucial planning required for a project with this level of ambition.

A £1500 grant from the Douglas Bader Foundation will assist us with basic running costs, such as travel, to meet with project partners in London and Bristol. We would also like to use the grant to purchase a Dolmetsch one-handed recorder, costing £450. This will mark the first step in the building of our one-handed musical instrument bank.


JESSE ALEXANDER 16 year old amputee:
‘’I am very grateful for the support that I have received from Queen Mary’s Hospital since my accident, and for the provision of prostheses which have enabled me to lead a very active life and enjoy many hobbies, including mountain biking and skiing. I like to be able to show people that my disability is not about what I can’t do but what I CAN do!

I am very proud to have been selected to attend the Jamboree after a weekend of camping, team activities and interviews. I am excited about having an opportunity to represent young amputees at this amazing event and to show that a life-changing accident does not have to mean the end of your dreams.’

I have been selected as one of only 90 Scouts from Hampshire to attend the 23rd World Scout Jamboree in Japan in 2015. I will travel with a U.K. contingent of 3,500 to join with 30,000 other Scouts and Guides from over 150 countries across the world.

The theme of the Jamboree is ‘WA’ which means harmony, unity, friendship and peace. The programme has been designed to ‘foster a spirit of unity to share others’ cultures and faiths, take part in adventurous activities and grow as global citizens to tackle world issues’.

I will be visiting Japan during the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and I will travel to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and Peace Museum.

At the Jamboree there will be an on-site ‘Global Development Village’ which will focus on disaster mitigation. There I will be able to learn more about the environment, development, human rights and world health issues. I will also be able to attend other programmes including; ‘Exploring Nature’, ‘Crossroad of Culture’, ‘City of Science’ and ‘Community Service’ (where I will work alongside local people to improve their community).

I am really looking forward to the Jamboree. I am excited about travelling to Japan, meeting new people and learning about their cultures. I am proud to be an ambassador for disabled young people, I hope to be able to demonstrate that it is possible for amputees to lead an adventurous and active life, and fulfil their ambitions.

The total cost of the Jamboree is £3,400. I have been given a grant of £600 by Petersfield District Scouts and I raised £130 recently packing bags for shoppers at a local supermarket. I am planning a sponsored bike ride and I am working with other Petersfield District Scouts to arrange more fund-raising activities. I play the cornet with Liss Brass Band and I am hoping that we will be able to arrange for a fundraising concert to support me.

I am aware that I have a large amount of money to raise and I would be extremely grateful for any assistance which your Foundation feels able to provide me.Jesse Alexander


The BAPO Conference is the largest dedicated event for prosthetics and orthotics within the UK showcasing a collaboration of an exhibition of leading prosthetic and orthotic companies and charities, highly regarded Key Note speakers from a multitude of relevant backgrounds, orthotic and prosthetic Free Papers, Technician Courses, orthotic and prosthetic Poster Competitions, and Speak Easy for students and graduates.

Phil Oakley

Phil and companions successfully back on the surface

Phil and companions successfully back on the surface

Previous Bader Grant recipient, inspirational amputee Phil Oakley has just sent us in a report of his latest personal challenge, tackling the world’s deepest caves. This adventure follows hot on the heels of trips to the Rainforest, Borneo and Morocco. He hope to add mountaineering in Scotland and Wilderness Canoeing in Sweden to his personal achievements next year so keep watching this space!

We are always delighted to hear from our Grant recipients so please do get in touch to let us know how a Bader Grant has helped you.