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Lady Bader Grant Recipient of the Month, Kim Jaeger – Blog 3

Another thoroughly enjoyable update from our Lady Bader Grant Recipient of the Month, Kim Jaeger. I’m sure you’ll agree – they make great reading! Here, for the many of us who don’t know, she helpfully outlines what exactly is involved in obtaining a PPL. Difficult enough anyway but more so by far when you have… View Article

Bader Grant Recipient Matthew Phillips – Paraclimber

We were delighted to receive this article from Gary Phillips, Social and Public Media Management for Matthew Phillips, about recent Bader Grant Recipient, Matthew Phillips. Matthew is an outstandingly promising young paraclimber with a passion for his sport. He is keen for others to give it a go and to experience the benefits that he himself has gained. If you’re… View Article

Great Video Update of Lady Bader Grant Recipient of the Month, Kim Jaeger

Check out this fantastic video of our Lady Bader Grant Recipient of the Month, Kim Jaeger, in pursuit of her dream of gaining her PPL (Private Pilots Licence).  As you’ll know from her previous posts, Kim is a through-knee amputee whose lower leg had to be amputated as the result of medical bad-practice. Despite this, Kim… View Article

Lady Bader Grant Recipient of the Month – Kim Jaeger: Blog Post 2

Douglas Bader Grant Recipient of the Month – Kim Jaeger Blog Post Part 2. – 06/06/17 Hello all my luvverley Bader buddies and Bader readers. I hope you are all doing well and have been enjoying the sun whilst we have had it? I still am unable to use my prosthesis – it is so painful, but… View Article

Latest News from Triathlon Ireland

Here is the link to the May Newsletter from Triathlon Ireland. The newsletter will open in a new tab. The DBF is proud to support Triathlon Ireland, which was brought to our attention by DBF Ambassador, Paul McNeive. Find out more about what they do by following the link to their Website.

Meet our new Bader Grant Recipient of the Month – Kim Jaeger

We are proud and delighted to introduce you to our new Bader Grant Recipient of the Month, Kim Jaeger. Kim, a through-knee amputee, has so far pursued her ambition to learn to fly (that part of the dream is well under way) and to gain her Private Pilot’s Licence (with Kim’s spirit, that part can’t be… View Article

Latest Update from Lady Bader Grant Recipient, Mari Akhurst

Herewith the latest update from our wonderful Lady Bader Grant Recipient, Mari Akhurst. Mari is doing really well with her young horse, Bear, after great achievements in partnership with Sky, the beautiful horse you will have seen in previous posts, who is kindly on loan by his owner, Glesni Owen. Mari is keen to bring on Bear to be ready… View Article

DBF Grant Recipient of the Month – Mari Durward-Akhurst

The Douglas Bader Foundation is receiving more grant applications than ever and with so many worthy and very diverse applications and recipients, I thought it would be interesting to feature one each month to give an idea of the range and scope of those people we are able to support and delighted to help in a… View Article

Triathlon Ireland Paratriathlon Talent ID Days

Bader Grant Recipient, Triathlon Ireland, will be holding two Paratriathlon talent ID Days one in Antrim and one in Dublin Antrim – 5th November: Dublin – 6th November: If you are looking to get involved in paratriathlon or you know anyone looking to get involved, we would be delighted for you to join us on… View Article

Success for Bader Grant Recipient “Manfit”

Manchester Amputee Fitness Initiative (Manfit) offers several exercise sessions for amputees including gym sessions at the Manchester College Fitness Suite. These were funded for about 10 years by the Joint Health Unit, Manchester, which became Public Health Manchester. Just over a year ago we lost our funding for the gym sessions due to government cuts… View Article

Syeda Mannan – 1st Lady Bader Memorial Grant recipient update

Following the death of Joan Bader in December last year, it was decided to honour her part in Douglas’s life and her commitment to the charity by awarding grants in her name. It was felt by all that Syeda Mannan was an ideal applicant for the first Lady Bader Memorial Grant. “With regards to the patient, she… View Article

OHMI Douglas Bader Grant Update – Hemihelp Fun Day

Bader Grant Recipient, OHMI (The One-Handed Musical Instrument Trust) has sent us this update. This fantastic organisation is going from strength to strength and the Douglas Bader Foundation is proud and delighted to be able to support them. Douglas Bader Grant Update – Hemihelp Fun Day On Sunday 4th September, The OHMI Trust team and… View Article

Tia Campbell reports from Tanzania and Kenya

Inspirational Douglas Bader Foundation Bader Grant Recipient, Tia Campbell, has sent us this great report and brilliant photographs from her recent trip to Tanzania and Kenya. My name is Tia Campbell I am 18 years old and On the 17th of July I undertook the biggest experience of my life, which I could of not done without… View Article

Musical Workshop Opportunities with OHMI

One of our worthy DBF Grant recipients, OHMI (The One-Handed Musical Instrument Trust), is going to be running 2 workshop days in conjunction with HemiHelp and Reach. OHMI is going from strength to strength and this is the first year that they have had sufficient capacity to be able to offer music workshops at the… View Article

OHMI June Newsletter

Bader Grant Recipient, OHMI (The One-Handed Musical Instrument Trust) is going from strength to strength and has now added world renowned percussionist, Dame Evelyn Glennie, and composer and saxophonist, John Harle, to their list of OHMI Patrons. Thanks to OHMI, a bright light now shines on a huge problem few people notice. They are leading… View Article

Thomas Making Giant Strides!

It was lovely to hear from Bader Grant recipient, Thomas, who has got in touch to tell us how he has put his grant to good use and is already making great strides on his Race Running Bike. Thomas clearly has the Bader spirit in spades and we are sure he’s going to go far in every… View Article

2015 OHMI Competiton

2014 Bader Grant recipient, OHMI (The One-Handed Musical Instrument Trust) is holding a competition challenging people to create an instrument that can be played without the use of one hand and arm. The deadline for this challenge is 30th June 2015 so you need to get your designs in fast for a chance of winning a… View Article

DBF Support KartForce with BADER GRANT

The Douglas Bader Foundation is delighted to have been able to support KartForce (Kart Racing for Injured Troops) through its Bader Grants Scheme. You can read more about the contribution below: JAGUAR HAND CONTROL TEST HUGE SUCCESS! We’re very proud to SHOUT out LOUD that the hand control’s we designed with OMS are RADICAL! The… View Article

Latest news from KartForce…

Here’s the latest update from our friends at KartForce. . . * Please click HERE to see the whole story as a Webpage. (Clicking on the KartForce logo at the top of the article will take you to their Website for more information about this amazing organisation.)

DBF Grant Recipient on the One Show

32 year old Nathan Doidge, born with cerebral palsy, is described as  the ‘most profoundly disabled Pilot in the World’. Nathan recently gained his Private Pilots’ Licence, funded and supported by the DBF Grant Scheme and trained by Aerobility at Blackbushe, and has flown over 14 hours solo. Chris Evans met Nathan and  was so taken… View Article

A DBF Grant for Nathan Doidge

Nathan Doidge Reaches for the Sky to achieve his Private Flying License. Nathan was born with cerebral palsy and is passionate about flying. At the moment he is thought to be the most profoundly disabled solo pilot in Britain. Nathan 32 who lives in Hayle, Cornwall, has flown many times over the past two years… View Article
“Fiery 3” Challenge

“Fiery 3” Challenge

The Douglas Bader Foundation and latest Bader Grant recipient, RAFT (The Restoration of Appearance and Function Trust), have joined forces to create an original and exciting Challenge for 2011. The “Fiery 3” Challenge trek will take you up Italy’s 3 iconic volcanoes; VESUVIUS, STROMBOLI and ETNA. This is a demanding trek but, if previous challenges are anything to go… View Article