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    The Disablement Services Centre in Portsmouth currently does not have any sort of counselling service for amputees, nor is there anything within the surgical wards of the hospital. The User Group has identified this as a key issue for us and we will be campaiging for some sort of dedicated service. I’d be interested to know the situation within other DSCs and the views of User Groups.

    Mike Stoneman
    Moving Forward User Group – Portsmouth




    the answer is …yes …louise …who incidently is blind but very well qualified and i have never seen anyone type as fast as her ….

    although i would say that i think she cover other disciplines besides limbloss …. i will check but i think she covers neurology (strokes etc..) and possibly elderly and mental health …

    i say this because Queen Mary’s Hospital now is merging as much as it can ….!!!

    Catch you soon

    😀 🙂 🙁 😮 😯 😕 8) 😆 😡 😛 ➡ 💡 ❓ ❗ 😉 :roll: 😈 👿 😥




    hey mike. on this side of the pond. health practicioners could really care less about amputees needs, counseling, here???…..he hee,hee hee, they, the doctors are strickly working for insurance companies. ah hell, just take the dope they give you and see ya next month. oh yea dont forget your medicare card……….the usa is a goin to hell in a hand basket and ole bush is surely enjoyin the ride……………….but what do i know…joe,,,,, puerto rico usa



    Hi Mike,.
    You have picked up on a very improtant issue.
    Less than 1/3 of Limb Centres have a counselling service. My understanding that Louise at Roehamtpon is the main Hospital Counsellor, but will see amputees who have been referred.
    I have written a fact sheet on how to get counselling, which might be of use.
    I’ll email it to you.



    I’m doing a piece of research on counselling and traumatic disability (limb loss and SCI), for details see
    I have so far seen just a very small sample of amputees but what has struck me is the fact that counselling seems to be offered/available only sporadically – which reflects the earlier comments under this topic. Also I understand that there are only 12 counsellors in England and Wales (Scotland might be better placed) who consider themselves as specialising in limb loss.
    It would be a (very) straw poll, but I wonder if some members might like to indicate whether, or not, counselling was available/offered to them.
    Your responses would be very instructive for me. Thank you.



    At the Specialised Ability Centre In Manchester they have a counsellor there that is fantastic. You can pop into see her whenever you need to. Sue also gives you help to manage phantom limb through visualisation and relaxation techniques. She is also there if you just need someone to talk to. Cant rate her highly enough.She has been attached to the centre since day one. Another thing that is a bonus is that she is not just there for us amputees but also for our families too.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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