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    Does anyone out there have any tips for a below knee amputee taking part in fieldtrips involving hill walking and/or hiking. Its a big ask of myself, but I have started University doing environmental science, and didn’t expect there to be so many outings, its compulsary to my studies. I have loaned a pair of walking poles, don’t know how to use them properly, but going to give it a go.

    Yours hopefully,




    Hi Janet

    I’m b/k too & have done some walking/hiking over the years. Yes if your socket’s comfortable then you should be ok.

    Ski poles will be a great help & am sure you’ll get the hang of using them. I prefer using R leg with L arm/L leg R arm when walking ordinarily; but over uneven ground then it’s just ‘auto pilot’!

    I’ve found walking up hill easier than going down, especially if it’s very steep, screes or wet grass/rock. A quick fix when it’s slippy – carry a pair of large walking socks & put them on over your boots/trainers. Also don’t be ‘shy’ – get someone to give you support (you don’t lose any points!). It may sound odd, but I was taught to step into puddles when it was wet over rough ground; the theory was that the ‘hole’ in the ground would give some grip. Worth a go – but only small puddles tho!!!

    Obviously walking any distance with a heavy rucksac is going to make it more difficult – increasing the pressure on your socket as well as making it harder work. No doubt you’ve got plenty of charm though to work wonders for you!

    Hope this helps. No doubt others will have more tips. Let us know how the 1st trip goes Good luck, Leggz

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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